Earrings, 18 k white gold



Material: 18 k gold

Stones: 18

Ct: 0.16 in total, 0.05 center diamond

Type of closure: Butterfly

Weight: 1.60

Available in white gold.


Our latest jewellery pieces are more than just fashion, they are meant to be the “must have” that will help you express your true self, without fearing to be different. Choose the jewellery piece that represents you and start wearing the style you love.

Materials and finishing

All our New Arrivals’ jewels are made with natural diamonds and 18kt gold, available in different gold colours. All our proceeding standards are being continuously certified by organizations, such as the Responsible Jewellery Council and other parties, which watch over the sustainability and ethical jewellery supply chain.

Where to find this jewel

Sweet Paris’ jewels are available in Le Printemps shops all around the French region. Visit our store locator to find your nearest store.

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